New Medicare cards to be issued this year

Beginning in April of 2018, all Medicare beneficiaries will begin to receive new Medicare ID cards that will replace their current one.  The goal of this change is to make your personal information safer, and removing your social security number from your card will do just that!


Medicare recommends taking the following actions when you receive your card to make it harder for someone to steal your information and identity:

  1. Destroy your old Medicare card right away.
  2.  Use your new card. Doctors, other health care providers, and plans approved by Medicare know that Medicare is replacing the old cards. They are ready to accept your new card when you need care.
  3. Beware of people contacting you about your new Medicare card and asking you for your Medicare Number, personal information, or to pay a fee for your new card. Treat your Medicare Number like you treat your Social Security or credit card numbers. Remember, Medicare will never contact you uninvited to ask for your personal information.