Forms 1095-A and 1095-B

Consumers enrolled in a qualified health plan through MNsure during 2015 will need the information on Form 1095-A to reconcile advanced premium tax credit payments made on their behalf or to claim the premium tax credit if they are eligible. If a consumer has not received their Form 1095-A by the end of February, they can call the Contact Center to report this. Read more details on Form 1095-A.

As noted on the DHS website, Medical Assistance and MinnesotaCare members do not need to wait to get their Forms 1095-B to file their federal tax returns.

Some individuals will not receive Form 1095-B because their health care coverage does not meet minimum essential coverage (MEC) criteria. The following Minnesota Health Care Programs are not considered MEC, and people having coverage in only these programs will not receive Form 1095-B:

  • ·         MA with a spenddown
  • ·         Medicare Savings programs only
  • ·         Minnesota Family Planning program (MFPP)
  • ·         Emergency Medical Assistance (EMA)
  • ·         HIV/AIDS program
  • ·         MA Breast and Cervical Cancer program (MA/BC)
  • ·         Alternative Care (AC)
  • ·         Consolidated Treatment Fund
  • ·         Screened—not placed on waiver/AC
  • ·         Qualified Working Disabled (QWD)
  • ·         Pending or denied MinnesotaCare (MCRE) eligibility months