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The Open Enrollment Period for Individuals to apply for insurance (under age 65) ended on March 31, 2014.  Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), outside of the annual Open Enrollment Period there are only specific times when you may apply for insurance.  These are called “Qualifying Events”.  You may need to provide documentation concerning the qualifying event.  Coverage effective dates and special enrollment deadlines vary based on the reason for application.

Some situations that qualify for Special Enrollment are:

Acquiring a new dependent through birth/court ordered or by marriage
Newborn grandchild
Loss of current coverage
Plan (employer) no longer offers benefits
Legal separation/divorce
Loss of dependent status
COBRA exhaustion
Moving outside the service area
Termination of employer contributions
Employee/Individual becomes entitled to Medicare
Termination of employment or reduction in hours
Death of employee
Enrollment is unintentional, inadvertent or erroneous due to MNsure Exchange error
Eligibility for Advanced Premium Tax Credit changes (either way) or Employer Sponsored coverage will not be affordable or provide minimum value.
There are also situations that are NOT considered Qualifying Events such as:
Failure to pay premium resulting in your policy being cancelled
Voluntary cancellation of coverage
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